Hydraulic Motorcycle Workshop Lift Table

Hydraulic Motorcycle Workshop Lift Table


Suitable for both workshops or home garage use.

The table is lifted via a foot operated hydraulic pump, to smoothly lift a bike to variable height.
The front wheel of the motorcycle or scooter can be clamped to hold it up right, allowing the back be held by a paddock stand or center stand. Side and forward locking wheel clamp.

Table size – 2100 x 620 mm.
Foot operated hydraulic ram lifts 400 kgs from the minimum height of 200 mm up to the maximum height of 800 mm. The hydraulic lift has a safety locking bar.

The table is on wheels for easy maneuvering with locking feet to maintain stability once located.

There is a removable plate to allow easier rear wheel access.
There are tie down attachment holes at each corner.
A ramp operates automatically with the movement of the ram, to allow easy loading of a motorcycle.
Tread plate surface to minimise slip.

There is a £70 carriage included in the price.

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